We aim to to revolutionize the internal healthcare industry

At LocDoc, we aspire to revolutionise the healthcare staffing landscape through our unwavering commitment to trust, transparency, efficiency, and innovative solutions.

Our Story

We are Zensite, a digital innovation agency on a mission to revolutionize the internal healthcare staffing landscape. With our expertise in health tech and user experience design, we have conducted extensive research to identify the challenges faced by health professionals. Inspired by this knowledge, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the industry.

Clinics and hospitals often struggle to find qualified medical providers, while exceptional doctors and healthcare professionals seek access to rewarding and flexible job opportunities. Recognizing the impact on patient care, we introduced LocDoc, our revolutionary platform designed to address these challenges.

Leveraging our UI/UX design expertise, we created LocDoc to provide a seamless user experience. Our team, comprising experts with a medical background, deeply understands the challenges faced by clinics and medical professionals.

Our vision extends beyond mere job matching; we aspire to create a community where career aspirations align with exceptional patient care.

Designing experience backed by data

Team Behind LocDoc

Our LocDoc team comprises passionate experts in diverse backgrounds, including UI/UX design, healthcare operations, and technology.

Dr. Dhamirah Sakinah (Fay Mira)
Co-Founder and COO

Medical doctor turned UX specialist in Health Tech, dedicated to improve the well-being of medical professionals from within

David Yap
Co-Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur at heart with a decade of UI/UX design expertise, leveraging Tech, AI, and blockchain to enhance health tech for medical professionals.

Joshua Yap
Chief Marketing Officer

Expert in digital marketing, SEO, and blockchain, widening connections between medical professionals and facilities

Strategy and vision

Our Strategy for Transforming the Internal Healthcare Industry

Our vision is to utilize cutting-edge technology and expertise in health tech to propel the internal healthcare industry forward, ensuring exceptional quality in staffing while enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Data-Backed Innovation

We use data-driven research to design and develop impactful solutions.


We use design thinking and weekly sprints to design, develop and optimise our platform.


We prioritise transparency, sharing our product journey and direction with users.

Safe and Secure

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our platform and user data.

Quality and Trust

We prioritize quality and trust in our process and solution so we can deliver a platform you can rely on.

Community Collaboration

We collaborate with medical communities, leveraging health tech expertise for maximum impact.

Sharing Our Project Roadmap

As a self-funded company, we prioritize collaboration and transparency. Here, we openly share our project roadmap and project phases, ensuring you're part of the journey.

Current phase
Build Awareness and Prototype
Design and prototyping beta phase
Marketing and awareness campaign
Getting users to join the waitlist
Initial prototype feedback with users
Development of beta phase
Current phase
LocDoc Platform Launching
Job posting feature
Job application and alerts features
KYC and License Practicing verification
Calendar feature for scheduling
Launching the LocDoc web platform in beta
Current phase
Platform Optimisation and Expansion
User-driven feature optimization
Priority-based feature expansion
Scale and Expansion of Platform
Urgent Doctor On Request Feature
Urgent DCME and Medical Professional Career Improvementoctor On Request Feature
Target and goal

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

As a self-funded company, we rely on your participation to expand LocDoc's features and growth. Invite colleagues and friends to sign up and join us in empowering medical professionals.

200 sign up from a healthcare professional

Our goal for initial beta phase launch will need 200 signs up from healthcare professional

50 sign up from healthcare facilities

Our goal for initial beta phase launch will need 20 signs up from healthcare facilities

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